Will the ng-conf talk about AngularJS 2.0 the Front End Development Framework?

This March 5-6 of 2015 in Salt Lake City Utah, will take place the ng-conf 2015 and this is a good occasion to talk about AngularJS 2.0. If we take a look at the schedule there are two talks about the second version of the Front End framework, but also give us a clue about the future of Angular. Here in Cali Colombia we are going to have the opportunity of being part of this thanks to the extended conference organized by the AngularJS Meetup from Cali.

The first talk called TypeScript and AngularJS is more about TypeScript and how it would help to power up AngularJS; if you want to know more about TypeScript check out the official documentation.

The second one makes an approach to the process you will concern once you start to think about move your AngularJS 1.x code to the newest one, the conference titled Angular 1.3 meets Angular 2.0 tries to present the topic as friendly as it can, we are hoping in the practice be like that.

Google presence

Something curious is that in this issue of the conference there is not a scheduled talk about Angular/Dart or Angular/Polymer or Angular with some Google technologies. And it is funny because every time that Google launched something i look for the ng-scope but i have found other libraries than Angular for example Inbox by Gmail. Did google left behind AngularJS?.

AngularJS by Google

Some time ago the Angular project which born as a Google library but Microsoft engineers are feeding more often the project. Will that ensure the commercial participation of the framework?, or is just a marketing move to attract developers to the ASP .NET ecosystem? take a look of this blog post Microsoft: Embracing and Endorsing AngularJS.

I'm just saying, my principal concern is about the code portability and the new learning curve on the 2.0 version. Comment please and share your thoughts.