Why all the efforts made in entrepreneurship by MinTic are not well focused


I want to share my point of view, I know that the Colombian goverment is working hard for make of Colombia a good place for digital entrepreneurs but is no enought.  

Here in Colombia there is a bunch of good entrepreneurs, stratups like The midgame, Platzi, Bunny Inc are a prove of that. Some of them has already share their point of view, Torrenegra CEO of Bunny Inc wrote a blog post titled Ten Things That Make Colombia A Bad Place For Tech Companies in wich he share how "Government Attacks Tech Companies" and "High Taxes and Complex Regulations" are things that depends directly from our Goverment, specially the MinTic (Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications in english) and creates a bad enviroment for digital startups. But paradoxicallly the same ministry is focus on create oportunities and programs focused on entrepreneurs. Apps.co for example is creating startup acceleration programs in wich all the choosen applicans can receive mentoring, exposition and funding. Thats is really great, but why this efforts are not well focused?

Monetizing is nightmare in Colombia

Lets say you build a digital product and you want to charge 20 dollars monthly to your users, ( 5 usd to cop ) when i wrote this post it was about $61,500 COP.

If you were a Colombian startup chargin with the Colombian laws you have to charge the IVA tax, it is a 16% tax for everithing you buy, you can include it in your price or add it to the price, If you include it you receive $51,660 COP ($16,8 USD) then you paid in taxes $3,2 USD but if you add it to your price your customer will pay $71,340 COP ($23.2 USD) that is just the first tax.

Then here in Colombia exists the well known tax 4x1000, that means that for each 1000COP pesos in a bank wire the Goverment charges you 4 COP in the example below for a wire of 71,340 COP the tax is 71,34 COP that seems to be a really low tax, but if you spects to charge a 1,000,000 people you will loss 71,340,000 COP or $23,200 USD.

And the thing get worst when you have to use a payments company like PayU they charge you 3.49% of the payment + 900 COP. Or even worse for the taxation called "Parafiscales". I just wanted to yell out what I feel is unfair about Colombian taxation, I now is not goign to be a disruptive post but will give pace to my soul.