Mandrill is not freemium anymore

Tonight I did receive an awful notice. Mandrill is not free anymore, the transactional mailing service who for me was the easiest way to send emails »

Why all the efforts made in entrepreneurship by MinTic are not well focused

Disclaimer I want to share my point of view, I know that the Colombian goverment is working hard for make of Colombia a good place for »

You should learn Machine Learning, Are you already aware of that?

You may already know it, but in case you don't, in this moment is a trending feature in several startups and companies. Machine Learning is the »

Reading tools for Developers and Geeks

cover image taken from magdav Reading is as important as breathing for developers and in general, for everybody who wants to be up to date on »

Will the ng-conf talk about AngularJS 2.0 the Front End Development Framework?

This March 5-6 of 2015 in Salt Lake City Utah, will take place the ng-conf 2015 and this is a good occasion to talk about AngularJS »